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A Tranquil Spirit strives to bring together mind, body and spirit health to people of all ages and abilities. Take a look at our classes to see what fits your needs and desires. We are happy to customize classes to suit what will work best for our clients.

Customized classes to fit your needs

We offer T'ai Chi Classes, Meditation Classes and Customized Classes for people of all ages and abilities. 

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Audrey Charness

Audrey's lifelong interest in healing practices became a passion when her daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. In seeking support for her daughter and her family, Audrey reached out to Barbara Yokooji, an ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) energy healer, who gave Audrey and her family a sense of calmness and strength in dealing with her daughter's condition. Barbara trained and certified Audrey in first level attunement Reiki and instructed her in meditation practices, so that Audrey could use these approaches to help her and her family. Audrey quickly recognized how much these practices benefited them, and she wanted to become more in depth with meditation and further expand her calling in internal arts. 

For five years, Audrey studied under Sensei Larry Kishiyama, practicing his Go-Ju-Ki-Do style of t'ai chi. Because of Larry's teaching and wisdom, Audrey occasionally filled in for him in his absence, and she developed a strong desire to pursue t'ai chi as a career. She attended Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, where she received her bachelor of arts in Traditional Eastern Arts with a focus on t'ai chi ch'uan as well as a minor in Contemplative Psychology. During this time, she studied under professor Bataan Faigao, who was a direct student of Grand Master Cheng Man-ch'ing. Audrey also routinely took classes at Rocky Mountain T'ai Chi Ch'uan foundation, under the tutelage of Beth Rosenfeld and Lee Fife. 

A Tranquil Spirit's Approach

Audrey's mission in A Tranquil Spirit is to bring mind, body and spirit health to people of all ages and abilities. She brings her classes to hospitals, health clubs, assisted living and senior centers, businesses, schools, and any other groups interested in her classes. Audrey can customize any class to meet the needs of her clients' time and availability.


Beginning T'ai Chi

The Beginning T'ai Chi session runs for 6 weeks, with each class being one hour long. In that time, you will learn a standalone form that is the first third of Grand Master Cheng Man-ch'ing's shortened 37-posture form. 

Advanced T'ai Chi

In the Advanced T'ai Chi class, you will build postures that you learned and complete the rest of the 37-posture form. This one-hour class runs for 16 weeks.

Sitting T'ai Chi

This Sitting T'ai Chi class is a modified version for people who have low mobility or a lack of balance. It includes deep breathing and qigong exercises.

Insight Meditation

The Insight Meditation class teaches students how to bring the practice of mindfulness to everyday life.

Imagery / Journey Visualization

The Imagery or Journey Visualization class brings students out of life's stresses and into a place in the mind of peace and relaxation. 

Energy Meditation

The Energy Meditation class cleanses and energizes the chakras using heaven and earth energy. After this class, you will feel energized, enlightened and relaxed. 

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